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Exsecant Pvt. Ltd. has catered to a range of clients with its exceptional web design services and is known for providing highly-intuitive, responsive, well-designed, catchy, swift and smooth web designs and interfaces making users to scroll your website time and again.

The track record of Exsecant Pvt. Ltd. speaks louder than anything about the success and growth prospects of the company. We work with diligence and utmost care to make their engagement a grand success by taking one step at a time, regardless of the fact that their client company is small sized or a large company.

Exsecant is a young company that provides End-to-End Full Services such as online content solution to academic research papers, reviews, school books, higher education books, fiction and non-fiction books, humanities content, and scientific, technical and medical content as per client’s specifications and guidelines. We also offer Data Conversion, XML Services, and e-Pub Services. Exsecant thus provides complete end-to-end typesetting services as per the requirement of the customers.

Exsecant aims to serve each customer with full commitment and quality. First, in particular for new customers, we try to fully understand their requirements. Second, we align/customize our processes and resources in such a way that they get the best and as per their expectations. To streamline the processes at the outset, we seek customer’s feedback on the services provided. We ensure that the feedback or suggestions are implemented in the best possible way so that things flow seamlessly, thereby customizing our processes as per customer requirements.

Our Skills

Sharepoint Application Development
Software Application Developments
Mobility Solutions
Application Maintenance and Support
Digital Content Development and IT Services
Makret laedership, focus, Innovation, Services
Online Payement gateway
Our books range from analytical texts, practical books, hands on manuals and reference works.


Why Choose Us?

Exsecant Pvt. Ltd. strives hard to create various flawless designs various software applications, enterprise solutions and software drivers. Various technologies of designing software are converging together. Exsecant Pvt. Ltd. is on its toes to lead a way for innovation and creativity in support of integrators and contractors.

We are on a mission to create and deliver technology and business solutions which fit the clients' needs and drives the desired results. We’re moving forward successfully to accomplish our mission in the best possible manner!

We have an experienced team of pre-editors, copy editors, graphic designers, XML programmers, page makers, proofreaders/quality checkers, indexers, e-Pub solution providers, project management team, and technology team who constantly monitor the projects, address issues, solve problems, and fine-tune plans on a real-time basis.

Exsecant focus is on new ways of doing business combining IT innovation and adoption of the latest technologies, while also leveraging the organization’s existing assets. We offer a range of high-end customize typesetting services from editorial to e-Pub solutions. Exsecant’s competitive advantage is a source of great value to our customers. It comes not only from our expertise, but also from our unique business model that sets us apart. We deliver exceptional value to our clients.

Our Services

An editor edits the content to make it free of grammar and style errors. Grammar errors include subject–verb concord, word usage, prepositional/adverbials, parallelism, article usage, pronoun antecedent, active and passive constructions, parenthetical constructions, restrictive and non-restrictive elements, apposition, punctuation and so on. Correcting the style errors include setting the content according to the preferred style of the customer, including citations to references, figures, tables, and other elements of text, bibliography/references; correcting the content for consistency according to the US or UK English and so on. The editors make sure that the content is consistent in capitalization, italicization, variables, scientific notations, tables, figures, and schemes, structuring and tagging of the chapters based on style sheets, and editing equations using Math Editor.
The graphic/artwork team processes figures and illustrations and redraws artwork based on the images provided by the author. The team also takes care of colour scanning and colour correction in the artwork.
  • Conventional and situational illustrations
  • Technical and medical illustrations
  • Illustrations for children, school, and academic books
EPUB is defined as a means of representing, packaging and encoding structured and semantically enhanced Web content (including XHTML, CSS, SVG, images, and other resources) for distribution in a single-file format. EPUB allows publishers to produce and send a single digital publication file through distribution and offers consumers interoperability between software/hardware for unencrypted reflowable digital books and other publications.
  • e-Pub 2/e-Pub 3
  • Digital Edition
  • VitalSource
  • Radium
Typesetting and page composition services are based on XML workflow that preserves the integrity of the XML file throughout the various stages of the production cycle ensuring that the XML file is compliant to the publisher’s DTD at any stage, which means that the XML can be generated on demand.
We provide end-to-end page composition services for a diverse range of content such as fiction, non-fiction, scientific, medical, technical books and journals. Publishers look for professional indexer who can read and digest the meaning in the book and relate the concepts in one part of the book to concepts in another.

Contact Address

  • Address: Block - D, 242
    Sector - 63, Noida, Delhi NCR
    India, 301201
  • Email: publish@exsecant.com
  • Email: hr1@exsecant.com
  • Website: www.exsecant.com
  • Phone: +91-9355164101/102/103

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