Publishing Services

Our services include pre-editing, copyediting, graphics/artwork processing, XML conversion and coding, composition, page proof revision, indexing, and creation of multiple electronic (e-Pub) deliverables as per the requirement of the customer.


Pre-editors carry out global changes in the content by following various editing tools, style guides, such as Chicago Manual, APA, AMA, and customized styles.

Copy/Language Editing

A team of experienced copy editors handles a wide range of content following various editing styles (Chicago Manual, APA, AMA and customized styles) and produces error-free content.


Graphic/artwork team processes figures, illustrations, and redraws artwork based on the images provided by the author. Color scanning and color correction are also performed.

XML Conversion

XML conversion is performed for books, journals, manuals, digital content, magazines, manuscripts, and other unstructured documents.


e-Pub Services

Our qualified team of e-Pub solution provides e-Pub deliverables on different e-Pub or mobile formats such as Apple, iPad, Kindle, etc.


Our qualified team of iPhone/Tablet portable solution provides and the app that lets you write, edit pages, and manage comments on your blog from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Print PDF/Type-setting

We provide end-to-end page composition services for a diverse range of content such as fiction, non-fiction, scientific, medical, technical books and journals.

Proof reading/QC

Our proofreading and QC team aims to provide high-quality and error-free content.


Today, publishers look for professional indexer who can read and digest the meaning in the book and relate the concepts in one part of the book to concepts in another.


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