Software Maintenance & Support

Application maintenance services(AMS)

Our AMS services include:

1. Product enhancements - Adding new fuctionnality (new module, new report, etc.)

2. Production support and application maintenance - corrective maintenance, bug fixes, production support, and coordination with L1 team where required.

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Support phase

Exsecant provides warranty/hyper care support, and steady state support once the application has stabilized. We provide all types of level i.e. L1, L2, L3, and L4 support during the warranty/hyper care phase, and L2, L3, and L4 support during the steady state support. Brief description of different support options are:

Support services

The Exsecant service support methodology capitilizes on the wide knowledge base that Exsecant has acquired over a period of time, while maintaining numerouslegacy, package-based, andhome-grown / custom-built systems for various clients worldwide.Coupled with its world-class infrastructure, this methodology has made it possible for Exsecant to offer its services in maintaining the client software offshore.

Dedicated support model

In this model, Exsecant deploys a dedicates team to provide support. It remain same for the contract period and cover L3 / L4 support requirements. The team can be based at the onsite location and/or offshore,aspertheneed.The model offers support performance parameters(SLA, SLA performance) which define the pricing. Exsecant manages the scheduling, resourcing, and management of the support team.

Shared support model

This is a ticket-based model where acertain unit of work (UoW) is bought by the client and is primarily L2 / L3 / L4 support. The support team is primarily offshore-based, however, based on the requirement,can be deployed onsite, if required. The Exsecantsupport team assists multiple clients and ensures that all the support performance parameters are adhered to. During the contract period based on the quarterly reviews, the customer has the flexibility to revisit the UOW bought and canadjust it as per trends going forward. Exsecant manages the scheduling, management, and resourcing for the support team.

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